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Cher Carter, Age 5 - Crane, Texas


I was five years old – it was the summer before kindergarten – and somehow I’d managed to catch a bit of My Fair Lady (with the incomparable Audrey Hepburn) and I fell in love with the pompe and fashion of it all. 

As I grew up, I tried to stay on top of the latest trends. I crafted tinfoil “diamond” rings that glistened on the playground when the light hit them; I used pieces of colored string and beads to make bracelets and necklaces and as soon as my freshly pierced ears were healed, I figured out how to make earrings by hanging things from paper clips and threading them through my ears!

I’ve always been a maker. And as I grew up and was able to afford better materials. my creations improved and evolved.

Today my playground is Sensational by Cher and my preferred materials are sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and polymer clay.


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