I began researching women’s heart health after my fifth heart-attack in July of 2019.  That time, I was very lucky and managed to get to the hospital in time to save my life. But I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. So, learning, or should I say, re-learning how to eat healthily became a number one priority. At the time, I had insurance that covered my medications so even though I knew it was important, I grew rather lazy and dependent on the medications to keep my heart going.

My Daily Fizzy Lifting Drink - Healthy Style

In December of this past year, my insurance ran out and now, I cannot afford my medications. Just my insulin alone is over $130 per vial and a box, which is what my prescription is, is five vials. It ain’t cheap that’s for sure.

I’ve been working to develop salt-free recipes to keep my flood retention to a minimum since I no longer have my Lasix, and I’ve been experimenting with other foods for fiber intake, to reduce inflammation, and to heal my gut which has been torn to pieces by all of the medications I’ve been on over the years.

Since February is American Heart Month, I thought I’d share some of my favorite recipes I’ve developed, and the one I’m sharing today is amazing! It can be used in nut-milk and warmed for a great nighttime drink, or you can mix it with hot water in the mornings for a morning tea to help you stay regular and reduce blood sugar and inflammation and help support the kidney and liver functions. I particularly like it during the middle of the day with some sparkling water like Seltzer or Perrier as a middle of the day refreshing, cooling drink.

The ingredients you’ll need for this recipe should be organic. Make sure you wash all of them to remove any contaminants that may have transferred to the produce during shipping.

The equipment you’ll need is very simple – a blender, a cutting board, and good knife, and a strainer. If you have a cheesecloth or a nut milk bag, even better but it totally is not necessary.  The recipe involves 2 steps and when you’re done, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a  month.



  • It isn’t necessary to peel the ginger because it will be run through a strainer at the end of processing, which is a massive time-saver, so, roughly chop the ginger
  • Peel the lemons and cut into thick slices or quarters
  • Place the ginger, lemons, garlic, and apple cider vinegar in the blender and process until it resembles a thick, chunky (but not huge chunks) smoothie
  • Once the mixtures is blended, run it through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth and squeeze out as  much of the “juice” as possible and set aside


  • Clean your blender and add the “juice” back to it
  • Add the remaining ingredients and blend on high until well mixed and smooth
  • Store in a glass jar in the refrigerator, or add to ice-cube trays and freeze for a quick addition to hot water, or mineral water, or to a hot cup of nut-milk


  1. GINGER – The primary compound in ginger, is gingerol, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Ginger also has other benefits to help aid digestion, soothe an upset stomach, help reduce oxidative stress. Ginger may also help aid with weight loss, osteoporosis, help lower blood sugars and dramatically decrease the risk of heart disease.  To find out more about the benefits of Ginger, check out this Healthline Article.
  2. HONEY FERMENTED GARLIC – The benefits of both honey and garlic have been long been celebrated in holistic medicines and in later years in traditional medicine. Both are natural antiseptics and help fight off colds and flu, but they are also used as antivirals. Medical reviews also show that garlic helps lower blood pressure and high cholesterol, and can help fight blood clotting and hardening of arteries and blood vessels. Both honey and garlic may also protect your brain from common diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.
    Studies note that aged garlic extracts contain a high amount of an antioxidant called kyolic acid. This powerful antioxidant may help protect the brain from damage due to aging and disease. This may help improve memory, concentration, and focus in some people.
  3. LEMONS – WHile much of the benefits of lemons comes from eating the pulp, there is still much to be gained from the juice of lemons. This is why it is important to use raw, organic lemons in this recipe. Store-bought lemon juice is often made from concentrate which is then diluted and may have added salts or sugars and other ingredients added during the dehydration process. Almost all citrus is high in vitamin C, which is necessary for immune system support, but lemons are also high in potassium which supports heart health, and vitamin B6, which helps convert food into fuel in the body. You can read more about lemons and their benefits in this Healthline Article. 
  4. TURMERIC – Turmeric may be one of the most effective nutritional supplement in existence. The primary compound, curcumin has proven health benefits from being a natural anti-inflammatory to lowering your risk of heart disease, improving brain health, can help prevent and perhaps even treat certain types of cancer, and many more. The issue is that curcumin isn’t easily processed by the body, but with the addition of black pepper, it is. That’s why the black pepper in this recipe is added.

I strongly encourage you to take the time to research the benefits of all of these ingredients before you try the recipe. I think you’ll be amazed at what they can do for your body and how wonderful this little addition to your beverages can taste.

I add 1 – 2 tablespoons per 2 cups of whatever I’m drinking, be it water, nut-milk or mineral water. You could even stir it into a cup of lemon or chamomile tea for more flavor and benefits.

If you decide to try this recipe, please do leave me a comment and let me know. I’d love to do a follow up with you to see what you notice about how you’re feeling after using this daily for about a month.

Until then, brightest blessings my Lovely Lilies!