Monthly giveaways are here!

Hello, my lovely lilies! I hope your February is off to a great start.

I’ve decided that since February is the “month of love”, I want to show my customers just how much I love them. What better time to announce my latest surprise than now?

Starting this month, when you make a purchase from my shop you will be entered in a monthly giveaway! You don’t have to do anything else. No sharing on social, or writing a rave review (although I always appreciate them) – nothing – and you do not have to spend any certain amount, either! Just enjoy your purchase and on the first of the next month, check your Etsy messages to see if you won!

So what could you win? Well, that depends LOL. I want to try to give away something that is a true prize, you know? Something you’ll love and use and enjoy, not something that you’ll open the package and go “Meh” and toss it in a drawer, or even worse, the trash LOL.

For the month of February, you’ll be winning a Customized Cofee mug! This isn’t something I sell anywhere, but I did design it just for my Lilies. I’ll be posting pictures of it tomorrow on my Facebook page.

So please, share this post with your friends so they can enter too, and don’t forget, that isn’t a requirement just a request.

Thanks so much Lilies!