Whether you like exclusive deals, secret posts, or just want to be involved in something fun, creative, supportive, and FREE, my Lovely Lilies club is definitely not your run of the mill mailing list. In this post, I’m going to outline EXACTLY what you can expect from me when you become one of my Lovely Lilies.

First of all, you’ll get my undying gratitude. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it is. If you even consider becoming one of my Lilies it means you’ve found something either on this website or in my Etsy shop that truly resonates with you, and you’re interested in knowing more. That is something to be eternally grateful for.

I know that there are countless thousands of mailing lists out there and I also know what it feels like to join one because you’re interested in the topic only to be bombarded with emails – sometimes two or three a day!  You won’t experience that with my Lovely Lilies club. I send out an automated email once a week that gives you a rundown of what’s happened on the blog that you may have missed. I also send you emails during special events like:

  • Upcoming Product or Line  launches
  • Pre-sales shopping invitations*
  • Invitations to give me your input about certain products I’m working on
  • A birthday greeting with a special gift for you on your special day
  1. THE DISCOUNT CODE: Of course, the entire reason you checked out this post was to find out about your discounts, right? Well, as soon as you join the list you’ll get an email that contains your special Club Member discount code. This code will save you 25% off everything you buy, no matter how little or how much. And this discount code is good for life. It doesn’t expire, even if you decide you want to leave the club at some point.
  2. LAUNCH PARTIES – When I get ready to launch a new product or product line, you’ll be invited to an exclusive Launch Party. This party takes place on my Facebook Page, as a live event, so you can shop before the products go live in my shop. What’s the benefit? Well, not only do you get to use your discount code, but you also get to purchase items that are either on a low production run or special limited editions before they sell out! These parties always take place on a Friday night, at 7 PM Central time so you’ve got enough time to get home from work, eat some dinner, pour a glass of wine and join the fun!
  3. PRE-SALES SHOPPING – Almost like a launch party, I’ll send out an invitation to shop my sales before the general public is notified. Don’t worry, I’ll send reminders out first 1 week before the sale, and then the day before so you’ll have time to browse around, decide what you want and be ready the day of the sale. I only have three big sales during the year – My annual clearance sale in January, a Christmas in July sale from July 1 – 25th, and of course the Black Friday / Christmas Season sales. During this time not you’ll be able to use your exclusive discount code on top of the sales price! That’s called a “double-dip”, and depending on the sale, you could save up to 50%.
  4. FREE SHIPPING: If you notice that Etsy offers free shipping, it is usually only available on items over $35. But, as a Lovely Lily, you will enjoy FREE Shipping on every order you place, no matter when it is or what it is. Just be sure to use your exclusive Lilies discount code so I know you’re a member of the club, and then, before I ship your order you’ll be reimbursed the shipping fee via refund!

In addition to all of this, you’ll also have access to the Lilies group on Facebook where you can join my other wonderful lilies to hang out, share ideas, chat about life, etc. I even have special days to highlight other entrepreneurs where you can tell us about your business, share your links, or post an image of your products.

As the club grows, I’ll probably be adding more perks, but for now, I hope this is enough to entice you to join us! And if not then thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m glad you were here 😀