Hello, my lovely Lilies,

I’ve posted before that I’d pretty much given up on getting any sales this shopping season. I’d even gotten to be “OK” with it.  And then, this happened!

I know, two doesn’t seem like a lot, however, I woke up to one sale of the same item, and then got another at 1:28 PM! (Yes, I remember the time LOL) I mean, to me it’s phenomenal because these are in a shop with very minimal listings, not a lot of great SEO, and definitely not a ton of traffic because I hadn’t really worked on it much!

I decided to take a look at the listing to see if I could figure out what caused it to boom all of a sudden, and found the following!

Now granted, those folks with those in their cart may not buy them at all, but.. so what! This means to me that people are not only looking for the items I offer, but they LIKE them! (sans Sally Field)

This inspired me so much I created four new designs today and have been photographing them to get them listed! I’m tickled!

I started creating these tools after talking to a patient caretaker and finding that the majority of medical cannabis patients have chronic pain due to arthritis or neuropathy – both of which I suffer from. And I know that there are times when trying to pick up or hold anything smaller than a very large paintbrush handle is excruciatingly painful, or I can’t feel it at all and drop it. I thought, ‘If I can make the handles a bit more comfortable, and pretty, I can market them to women my age who are now medical marijuana patients.’ I mean, let’s face it, the weed market we see today ain’t our parent’s weed market.

So tonight, I’m super stoked to create more designs and not just for the dab tools. I’ve got new beads getting ready for the bead shop, as well!

Wish me much-continued fortunes and I’ll do the same for you! And of course, I’ll be blogging about it!

Until next time, lovely Lilies,