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When my oldest daughter started school, a friend of mine made comment about not being able to wait until her last one graduated high-school. She was kidding, of course, but from that day on, I had a sense of utter dread about the last of my kids leaving home. I mean, aside from being Mike & Donna’s daughter or Rob’s wife, I was Momma. Who was I once they were grown and gone? I wasn’t anything. I mean, how do you tell someone who isn’t an entrepreneur that you’re a serial entrepreneur and expect them to get it?

As the days loomed closer I began to venture out of my shell and work on areas that friends gave me advice about – things like taking care of myself, finding a hobby or a new adventure (their polite way of saying ” new way to lose money”), even about what to do with the spare space in the house or just downsizing all together. (The economic downturn of 2008 and 2010 took care of that for us).

But the one thing no one gave me advice about was the holidays. I think everyone just assumed that we would be like all traditional southern families and once the kids were grown they would come back home for the holidays, even after they were married, alternating between us and the in-laws. I think, on some level, we just assumed this too.

So when in 2013 we found ourselves living almost 1,000 miles away from any and all family, we just didn’t know how to handle the holidays – so we didn’t. We didn’t celebrate anything remotely child-centric like Easter, Christmas, or Halloween, and since there were only two of us, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving either.  I can’t remember why but we didn’t celebrate Valentine’s or our Anniversary, and the 4th of July was spent working.

Needless to say, 2013 was an uneventful and sad year. I was determined to figure out a way to have some of that holiday and seasonal spirit back in a way that (A)we could afford (we were still reeling in devastation from the previous years) and that (B) didn’t make me want to cry for missing my kids and family and what should have been our lives every time I walked in the door.

So what did I do? What many of us do – I turned to Pinterest! I found so many awesome ideas, plenty of which checked off a “musts” lists for me:

  • Must be under my budget
  • Cannot be oriented to any particular religion or belief (we never celebrated Halloween and I thought it would be rather silly to start now that the kids were grown and living so far away)
  • Should meet our aesthetic, which is clean and minimal sine we live in a 136 square foot studio.

No matter what you’re looking for, you can pretty much bet you’ll find it on Pinterest, and that I did. These are my top 10 favorite Pinterest Fall Decor boards.  Share yours with me in the comments.

  1. Fall Decorations by Srirup Mazumdar ( ) – Srirup ·Ideas to decorate home for the Fall Season. From Fall Centerpieces, front door decor, wreaths & everything else.
  2. Tidbits ( – Ideas for Fall decorations. Lots of Fall DIY’s, centerpieces, front porch decor, cozy rustic textures for the living room and bedrooms, and so much Fall inspiration!
  3. Glitter Inc. ( ) –  Dedicated to all things fall; everything from Halloween to, thanksgiving, pumpkins, interiors, tablescapes, table settings, tabletop designs, fall parties, party decor, party design, weddings, events, style, and more.
  4. A Little Craft In Your Day – ( ) – DIY Fall Decorating ideas make fall one of our favorite times of year! This board is full of DIY fall decor ideas, fall craft ideas, fall wreaths, and more.
  5. Laura at Bless Her House ( ) – All kinds of fall decor goodness about tablescapes, porch decor, vignettes, and beautiful fall crafts!
  6. The Lillypad Cottage ( ) – This board doesn’t offer much in the way of a description, but it’s images remind me of the houses I used to photograph on the lake for Lake Martin Living Magazine. They use traditional fall colors and objects in new ways to create something truly full of southern charm.
  7. So Much Better With Age ( ) – More than just decorating ideas, I love the aesthetic of this board!
  8. Worthing Court Blog ( ) – Beautiful fall decorating ideas for your home. Cozy up your home for fall with ideas for diy fall wreaths. fall centerpieces and vignettes. Ideas for how to decorate your mantel, coffee table, front door, and more!
  9. 12 On Main ( ) – Fall home decor ideas and sources. Outdoor fall decor outdoor fall wreaths, fall wreath decor, fall tablescapes, fall printables, fall DIY projects, autumn decor, autumn wreaths, fall decor ideas, fall home tours, and so much more
  10. Better Homes And Gardens ( ) – Autumn leaves, pumpkins, warm knit blankets, and more. Explore our fall decor inspiration

Of course, I can’t do a Pinterest collection without touting our own Pinterest account. Come visit, won’t ya?


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