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Thursday Thoughts

I swear I didn’t think a Thursday could be so long yet go by so fast! Does that make sense? Probably not to anyone outside of my cranial zone, but to me, it does.

I got up this morning all ready to post a blog post and I couldn’t get my website to load. This has become a regular issue with the current hosting company I’m using and it just makes me sad. So I thought I’d do a video while I was working on a clay sculpture that turned out to be a huge failure! LOL Don’t worry, I’ll post more about that tomorrow.

As for the clay I was trying to work with? Well, this is what you get when you try to use a non-polymer conditioner with polymer clay. I thought maybe it would work, but then, even after baking repeatedly, it just crumbled like chalk. I wanted to cry but.. I’ll figure it out. I’ve got 4 of those 1lb blocks of Sculpey Premo Translucent and they are almost $20 a block so I’m not about to let it go to waste!

I was using foil to help hold up the already formed and baked leaves because until it completely cools, polymer clay is still very pliable. One of the reasons I love the medium is because once you’ve finished and properly cooled it does have a bit of “give” to it so that it isn’t easily broken.

I think I’m going to try this again tomorrow, with a different mix of clay.

Until then, lovely lilies!

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