If you visited this site anytime between October of 2019 and now, then you’ll notice right away there is a big difference. You’re probably shaking your head going “WTF?” Well, here’s the breakdown.

I realized the life path I was on wasn’t true to my authentic self. Over the years, many things I thought I was supposed to do, or perhaps had even convinced myself I wanted to do, began to chip away at my very soul, and over the past four months, I’ve been experiencing a depth of desperation and depression and hopelessness that I’ve never felt before.

The week of Thanksgiving I realized I had to change something or I was going to spiritually, emotionally, and perhaps even physically die. I knew Black Friday, which is normally the busiest shopping day of the year, even online, was coming and I needed to be creating listings, doing SEO, creating social media posts, and sending out emails to my mailing lists and I just could not bring myself to do anything! I’d take some photos, edit them, create a few listings in my Jewelry store and just feel as if I were trying to do all of this through thick, red, mud. I felt trapped and I began to ask myself why?

I love creating and everything involved in the process, from learning a new technique to going through the thrill of seeing my work become a finished piece. I love sharing my work. I love the thrill of knowing that someone else values what I make enough to want to buy it. So if I loved all of that, why did I just feel like giving up?

I knew it wasn’t from the discouragement of not getting any sales thus far. I knew it wasn’t from not enjoying the process anymore.

I realized that my self sabotaging was coming from feeling trapped in a situation that is no longer healthy for me. And I knew if I ever have any hope of getting my “mojo” – my true essence back, I am going to have to make some change.

The first change is to stop pressuring myself to do what “everyone else” thinks I should do.

Hence, this website is reborn to what you’ll find now. I still create, I still have my Etsy shops and I plan to keep them and grow them because (1) I need the outlet and (2) I need the income and freedom owning my own business will afford me. But I need to focus first and foremost on recovering myself – healing my heart, letting Great Spirit heal my soul and doing what is best for me, and growing forward, rather than stagnating in one place, which is what I’ve been doing.

I know, it may sound a bit confusing and ‘floopy-doopy’, but I promise, if you stick around, you’ll begin to understand rather quickly.

Thanks for being here,