Mokume-gane – You’re going to love it!

Mokume-gane is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique that mixes metals in layers, giving them superb strength and beautiful design.

The same technique can be used with many mediums, but with clay, in particular, the technique produces a beautiful finish veneer that can be laid over a base layer of clay for a distinctive, deep look.

Though the translation is loose “wood grain metal”, when I first saw this technique, taught by Samantha Burroughs of Jessama Tutorials, I fell immediately in love with it. In her tutorial, Samantha uses water colored inks in shades of blue and mermaid.

Since the first time I saw her finished pieces using this technique, I’ve been infatuated with Samantha’s design and have been working to adapt it to my own interpretation.

You’ll find our Mokume-gane as focal beads, earrings and more, and the colors aren’t just limited to metal, wood or water!




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