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This page is dedicated to what I consider to be my greatest mission. What’s that,  you might ask? Well, it’s complicated because it isn’t a single thing.

I believe we are all called to live our best possible lives as the best version of ourselves. The thing is though, as we age, as we grow, we … if we’re fortunate… evolve into our higher selves.

I realized in July of 2019 that I had not evolved. In fact, if anything, I had devolved into someone I did not know, did not recognize, and certainly did not like.

Between April of 2019 and January 30th of this year, 4 things happened that were life-altering for me personally, and of course, if we add the pandemic on top of that… it makes 5!

These things led me to an “awakening” if you will that if I did not take command of myself, my life, and my mind, let alone my spirit, I was going to die. Not just a spiritual death or a mental death but a very real, physical one.

In January I began creating a business and was all gung-ho into the process of creating handmade jewelry , beads and t-shirts to sell. My plan had been to run an Etsy shop for a year, take everything I had learned about marketing and creating and selling, and slowly but surely move my business and my following off of Etsy to my own website.

But you know what they say: If you don’t believe God has a sense of humor, make a plan.

Just as I finished investing the last of the $8,000.00 my husband had loaned me to start this business, the pandemic hit. All of a sudden the avenue for sales that I’d been priming and relying on dried up and I was left sitting with $8K in equipment, supplies, and now, a set of monthly bills that I had no way to meet.

Believe it or not, though, that wasn’t the most devastating aspect to me. To me, the most devastating aspect in all of this has been the fact that it has delayed my plan – to escape a bad marriage, become independent and not financially dependent on my husband, and to live a healthy, peaceful life of love and loving service to my fellow humans and the planet on my own.

But, I am NOT a quitter!

Once Black Friday / Cyber Monday was over and I realized what a long road I have ahead of me, I began working on my plan in earnest. And oddly enough, as soon as I reached a point of acceptance – not acceptance of bad behaviors, or bad treatment or bad circumstances, but rather the realization that “this is where I am -for now”, I started to feel a bit better. I’m still not 100%, but I will be. It’s just a matter of time.

If you’d like to keep up with what’s going on with my plan, from the actual planning to working towards my goals, to my failures and accomplishments along the way, you can subscribe to this blog and get all of the updates. But I’d also love it if you’d come back here and leave your thoughts and comments. Just look for the posts in the “My Great Escape” category.

The best way to help me accomplish my mission is by purchasing through one of my Etsy shops. Granted it takes a lot longer to make what I need to make in funds, but it’s a great way to support an independent artist.

However, I realize not everyone wants more stuff!  So if you’d still like to help me, you can donate to my PayPal. As it stands this moment, my monthly “must pay” bills for my website, Etsy shop, and other necessities are $84.00