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New Year, Clean Spaces, New Collections

My little area to work

Good morning, lovely Lilies! What a wonderful day it is!

Wow-what a week it’s been already and today is only Wednesday LOL. I’ve had so many changes taking place both personally and professionally that it’s got me feeling a bit overwhelmed and off-kilter.

First things first of course:

The man and I had a huge weekend of anger, frustration, disappointment, and fighting. I’ve not kept it a secret that my marriage is pretty much over, yet due to financial circumstances, the pandemic, and health issues, me being able to move out isn’t possible right now, so I’ve had to find … ...Keep Reading

2020 Is Almost Over

2020 Is Almost Over! Time For A New Bullet Journal

Good morning my Lovely Lilies,

Well, this is it! Today is my last day as a smoker (I pray). I’ve done my footwork and gotten everything in order as far as the business and housework goes, so tomorrow, I start my journey to being a healthier me, and to be honest, I’m pretty stoked. I mean, yes, I’m scared and I’m nervous. I’ve been a smoker for so long that figuring out how to do things without smoking is going to be a challenge, but, I’m up to it. And even if I’m not, I know that Grandfather is. So, … ...Keep Reading

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